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Event Management and Coordination – Hotel Booking (Business / Leisure) – Limousine (Airport, City Transfers, Tour) – A la carte service

Saving time in the organisation of your corporate events, being certain of the quality of the services offered to your guests and even, sometimes, finding the unfindable… When it comes to organising trips and events, welcoming, transport, hotels and Luxury hotels, tourist excursions, etc., you can be sure VAB will bring efficiency, ingenuity and refinement to every assignment undertaken.

You can be sure that at last someone will really listen to you, advise you and support you throughout. For you, we select the best partners from our extensive network of professionals and make the necessary connections. Their worlds intermingle, layer and complement each other to turn your events and à la carte travels – we hope – into truly unique experiences! 

Roam around our website and let VAB carry you away!