About us

VAB is first and foremost the story of a passion: that of man with a background in hotels and gastronomic restaurants and with a decidedly open-minded view of the world. Naturally gravitated towards the world of tourism and international relations and in 1998 was founded VAB. gradually developed the business with patience, perseverance and obstinacy. The business was not long in taking off: large groups were soon trusting him to organise events for them… and have continued to do so year after year. The quality of his services was widely recognised.

Over time, it was boosted by solid experience and the ability to rely on a growing network of hand-picked partners. Knowing how – and being able – to call upon the right people at the right time whilst being capable of ensuring they all work harmoniously together has always been one of the company’s strengths.

The momentum gathered even further when in 2010 VAB decided to open an office in close proximity to both its customers and partners, investing in premises in one of the prettiest parts of Basel. In the immediate vicinity of the historic city centre and shopping area and a stone’s throw from the Rhine, this is an area of the city where the worlds of business and art and culture meet and mingle… in this respect, Dufourstrasse is a truly exceptional environment! Since opening its city office, the VAB network has continued to grow and prosper, both in Switzerland and abroad, and as the years have gone by, the company has built itself a reputation as a reference in terms of quality of service and follow-up in events-related services, tourism and concierge services to businesses.

Today, thanks to the experience acquired with its partners, with luxury hotels and in the business world, VAB has the technical wherewithal to respond to a wide variety of demands. But it is above all its ability to understand its customers, their needs and expectations that is the pride of this sound modestly-sized business whose credo is respect for all.